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oil palm | diseases and pests, description, uses, propagation

Oil palm | Diseases and Pests, Description, Uses, Propagation

Palm oil is widely used as a cooking oil, as an ingredient in many processed foods and as a substitute for butter. Palm oil can be used to produce biodiesel. Palm oil is also used as a binding agent in cosmetics.

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salcra official | malaysia

SALCRA Official | Malaysia

The major pests of oil palm in Malaysia are rats, bagworms, nettle caterpillars, rhinoceros beetle, bunch moth and termite whilst the most important disease is Ganoderma basal stem rot and, to a lesser extent, Marasmius bunch rot.

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effect of pests and diseases on oil palm yield - sciencedirect

Effect of Pests and Diseases on Oil Palm Yield - ScienceDirect

In many oil palm growing areas, oil palm is plagued by many pests and diseases. The pests of oil palm include insects, mites, nematodes, rodents, birds, and other animals. A simple definition of a plant disease is any abnormal condition that damages a plant and reduces its productivity or usefulness to man.

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pest and diseases control ~ best of oil palm ... - blogger

Pest and diseases control ~ Best Of Oil Palm ... - Blogger

Pest and diseases control Tropical climates with ample sunshine, heat and moisture mean that weeds thrive and may compete with crops for space, water and nutrients, ... Oil Palm Fertilizer

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pest and disease of oil palm seedlings | categories | one oil ...

Pest and Disease of Oil Palm Seedlings | Categories | One Oil ...

Pest and Disease of Oil Palm Seedlings One Oil Palm > Oil Palm Nursery > Pest and Disease of Oil Palm Seedlings Difference between ”Tenera” and ”AA Hybrida IS” breeds

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oil palm -

Oil palm -

I have some pictures of the oil palm sick. I want to know what it is. please show me know the cause and how to prevent this disease Please help me. Thank you very much ( I am not good at english, lol) Periods of a disease (images)

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current challenges on pests and diseases of oil palm cultivation


CURRENT CHALLENGES ON PESTS AND DISEASES OF OIL PALM CULTIVATION ... the major insect pests and Ganoderma disease in oil palm plantations. ... sustainable and long term control of pest and ...

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chapter xii: diseases and pests of date palm


Fungal diseases of date palm. 2.1 Bayoud disease. ... portions of the palm can be attacked by the pest. Heavy infestations could cause complete coverage of the leaf ...

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handbook of pests and diseases of oil palm

Handbook Of Pests And Diseases Of Oil Palm

Others of Related Interest . HANDBOOK OF PESTS AND DISEASES OF OIL PALM /> June 2003. 113 pages.

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diseases of the oil palm - tandfonline

Diseases of the Oil Palm - tandfonline

Palm oil and palm kernel oil are used industrially for the manufacture of margarine, compound cooking fats, soap, candles, cosmetics, confectionery and as a lubricant in tin plating. Palm kernel cake, a by-product from the extraction of palm kernel oil, contains about 20% protein and is widely used as livestock feed (Oyenuga, 1959).

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palm insects & diseases - treehelp

Palm Insects & Diseases - TreeHelp

Pest Control. Insect Control ... Palm Insects & Diseases. I N S E C T S . ... Ganoderma butt rot is a relatively new and lethal disease of Florida palm trees.

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diseases and pests of the oil palm - the oil palm - wiley ...

Diseases and Pests of the Oil Palm - The Oil Palm - Wiley ...

Diseases and Pests of the Oil Palm. Book Editor(s): R.H.V. Corley. Search for more papers by this author. P.B. Tinker. Search for more papers by this author.

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oryctes rhinoceros beetles, an oil palm pest in malaysia

Oryctes rhinoceros Beetles, an Oil Palm Pest in Malaysia

Oryctes rhinoceros Beetles, an Oil Palm Pest in ... coconut industry up to its establishment as an oil palm pest due to several plantation ... disease, pest or lightning provides a suitable ...

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risk management packages for oil palm plantations | insight ...

Risk Management Packages for Oil Palm Plantations | Insight ...

Optimize oil palm productivity ... • Palm greenness • Pest outbreak detection ... • Pests and disease detection . LEARN MORE.

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sunbelt research ii - control disease, pest, fungus &bacteria

Sunbelt Research II - Control Disease, Pest, Fungus &Bacteria

We are the best: Citrus Tree Disease Treatment for Control Greening Disease, aphids, pest, canker, bacteria & fungus P.T.S. Palm Tree Spray can be used as a palm tree bug spray and a palm tree fungus spray. It is also an effective palm tree pest control.

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biological control of pests of oil palm | springerlink

Biological Control of Pests of Oil Palm | SpringerLink

Biological Control of Pests of Oil Palm. Authors; ... A virus disease of the Indian rhinoceros beetle, ... Lepidoptera) an oil palm and coconut pest, ...

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pest and disease management in oil palm plantation in ...

Pest and disease management in oil palm plantation in ...

Pest and disease management is not only thinking of how to control (or kill) the pathogen or pest, but also to understand a complex mechanism in the interaction between plant, pathogen, insect, and environment. Key words: Ganoderma, Indonesia, interaction, microbe, Oryctes rhinoceros, oil palm.

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plantations international palm oil

Plantations International Palm Oil

Oil palm crop is a hardy crop and low pest and disease incidence. Farmers can get extra income by intercropping in pre-bearing period of oil palms. There is no risk of theft and provides local employment.

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field pests, basal stem rot disease and control in oil palm ...


15 Tomato Tips for a Successful Tomato Garden: From Container Mix to Epsom Salt & A Bonus Tip - Duration: 17:55. Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) 136,148 views

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oil palm - slideshare

Oil palm - SlideShare

Pest and Disease Control • In oil palm plantation, better control of diseases and pests is crucial in reducing crop losses, as most parts of the trees could be easily affected; the bunches, the fronds, the male flowers, the spears or the trunk.

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palm diseases in the landscape management guidelines--uc ipm

Palm Diseases in the Landscape Management Guidelines--UC IPM

Selecting the right palm for the right spot then planting and caring for it properly are critical in order to avoid most diseases. Even if you inherit a poorly adapted or managed palm, providing proper care and culture can significantly reduce the chances for disease development and help reduce disease severity.

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insect and control ~ best of oil palm investment resources

Insect and Control ~ Best Of Oil Palm Investment Resources

O. kirbyi has also caused problems in oil palm in other countries. In Colombia, the pest was observed in El Cesar during 1973 and 1985, when it caused three defoliations in Palmeras de la Costa S.A (up to 353 larvae /leaf) (Villanueva and Avila 1987).

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sixth iopri-mpob international seminar: current research and ...

Sixth IOPRI-MPOB International Seminar: Current Research and ...

identification and management of pests and diseases on oil palm for high productivity. The seminar will be held in conjungtion with 100th years IOPRI anniversary in September 2016. Objectives 1. To inform on the recent updates of major pests, Ganoderma disease, weeds and oil palm insect pollinator. 2.

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palm tree pests

Palm Tree Pests

You can treat all these palm tree pests with the same kind of products. Generally look for an insecticide containing acephate or dimethoate. An insecticidal soap or horticulture oil will also do the trick. Treat by misting all the infected areas. Don’t forget to repeat a couple of times especially for scale insects.

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integrated pest management of palm oil essay - 2079 words

Integrated Pest Management of Palm Oil Essay - 2079 Words

Integrated Pest Management of palm oil Control of Oryctes rhinoceros Oryctes rhinoceros, as has been indicated in the section on zero burning, is a severe pest in such replants.

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diseases and disorders of ornamental palms

Diseases and Disorders of Ornamental Palms

In tropical regions that grow oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) as a plantation crop or in wild groves, the disease is referred to as basal stem rot (7). It is considered the most serious disease of oil palm in southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia, but also in Thailand and Papua New Guinea.

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improve yield of oil palm estate using remote ... - agritix

Improve yield of oil palm estate using remote ... - Agritix

Free from relying on field reports for issue, pest and disease alerts. Achieve sustainable palm oil with the help of technology. With our geospatial technology, you can track the progress of every single tree in your estate.

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dr mukesh sharma peatlands working group, rspo

Dr Mukesh Sharma Peatlands Working Group, RSPO

It is desirable to have a dedicated Pest & Disease ... Tirathaba Oil Palm Bunch Moth The female inflorescence at all stages of development can be attacked.

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the future of oil palm as a major global crop: opportunities ...


THE FUTURE OF OiL PaLM as a MaJOR GLOBaL CROP: OPPORTUniTiEs anD ... can also help to confront pest and disease ... palm oil output could more than meet the highest ...

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sustainable oil palm farming / pest and disease census ...

Sustainable Oil Palm Farming / Pest and disease census ...

The material from Pest and disease census is sourced from Smallholder Oil Palm Handbook and put together by Lotte Suzanne Woittiez (Wageningen Universit) and Haryono Sadikin, Sri Turhina, Hidayat Dani, Tri Purba Dukan, and Hans Smit in August 2016.

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